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Optimal management
05 June 2020

Tax deductibility of company cars: WLTP or NEDC from 2021 onwards? The tax office throws more light on the matter

In the middle of 2019 the tax authorities shed some light on the matter of what values should be used to determine the tax ..
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Optimal management
18 March 2020

Belgian goverment offers companies general deferment of payment due to coronavirus

In these difficult times, the Belgian government is making a variety of support measures available to entrepreneurs. To give ..
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Optimal management
19 November 2019

Kanaal Z - Tax consolidation

Businesses increasingly tend to operate internationally or even globally. They are then tempted to shift their profits to ..
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Optimal management btw Tax
06 February 2019

The applicable VAT rate on transport costs: 6% or 21%?

If, as a supplier, you deliver goods or provide services, you must charge VAT on the total amount payable. In practice ..
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Optimal management Smart growth
14 January 2019

Note: Important changes regarding advance payments!

Some tax-related changes have recently been made with regard to advance payments, with effect from 1 January 2019: Change of ..
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Smart growth Tax
09 November 2018

Selling goodwill to your company: is it still advisable?

When a sole proprietorship is turned into a company, it is possible to sell the goodwill (e.g. the customer base) that has been ..
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$Employment & benefits
29 August 2018

Green light for the mobility budget!

The agreement in principle on the mobility budget has now been converted into a draft text and approved by the Council of ..
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28 August 2018

New procedure for VAT building declaration

A recent amendment of the law removes the traditional VAT building declaration that a client has to submit when building or ..
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