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Smart growth
21 October 2019

Takeovers mean growth: the story of Offitel

To boost your business, you can try to increase your turnover and market share. That way you grow steadily ... but slowly. A ..
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Smart growth
20 April 2019

Buying back shares? Sell them within two years if you’re a BVBA!

It sometimes happens that a company buys back its own shares. What does this involve and what are the consequences? It involves ..
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Optimal management Smart growth Legal
29 January 2019

Domicile address of children remains important in the event of joint custody

Increasing numbers of children are growing up under joint custody arrangements. Even if the children live with each parent for ..
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Optimal management Smart growth
14 January 2019

Note: Important changes regarding advance payments!

Some tax-related changes have recently been made with regard to advance payments, with effect from 1 January 2019: Change of ..
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Smart growth Tax
09 November 2018

Selling goodwill to your company: is it still advisable?

When a sole proprietorship is turned into a company, it is possible to sell the goodwill (e.g. the customer base) that has been ..
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Strong start Optimal management Smart growth Legal
19 September 2018

Note: Change in requirement of prior approval from Order of Physicians

The Order of Physicians has recently issued a new Code of Medical Ethics. The chapter on professional collaboration between ..
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Strong start Optimal management Smart growth Smooth transition
06 September 2018

What happens after 1 September? The key changes in matrimonial law

In addition to the changes in the context of inheritance law and inheritance tax, the changes in matrimonial property law will ..
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Smart growth Tax
07 February 2018

Avoid a financial corporation and receive the reduced SME rate

The news is out: as of this year, the corporate income tax rate for SMEs will generally fall to 20.4% on the first EUR 100,000 ..
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