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Optimal management Smart growth Legal
29 January 2019

Domicile address of children remains important in the event of joint custody

Increasing numbers of children are growing up under joint custody arrangements. Even if the children live with each parent for ..
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Optimal management Legal
19 September 2018

Sole partner or shareholder: what is possible and what is allowed?

Ownership of all shares by a single person without implications for a company’s legal continuity is only possible for two legal ..
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Strong start Optimal management Smart growth Legal
19 September 2018

Note: Change in requirement of prior approval from Order of Physicians

The Order of Physicians has recently issued a new Code of Medical Ethics. The chapter on professional collaboration between ..
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Smart growth Legal
25 January 2018

The updating of the right of lien: what you need to know

As well as containing various modernising measures, the new legislation on the right of lien harmonises all security rights in ..
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Optimal management Legal
14 November 2017

Management agreements for business managers do not belong in a BVBA

It is usually stipulated that the directorship will be unremunerated. On the basis of a management agreement, individuals or ..
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Smooth transition Legal Tax
01 April 2016

Will I keep my survivor’s pension if I start a new relationship?

The survivor’s pension is a pension to which widows or widowers may be entitled after the death of their (married) partner. Once ..
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06 March 2015

Does every shareholder have voting rights?

Spring is nearly upon us – the season of annual meetings. When the minutes of the annual meeting or of a special or ..
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