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31 July 2018

Reduced rate of 6% registration tax benefit through refund

Since 1 June 2018, the registration tax levied on the purchase of a property has been subject to two reduced rates, namely the ..
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27 July 2018

Mandatory registration for company service providers as from 1 September

As of 1 September 2018, service providers to companies will be obliged to register in advance with the Federal Public Service ..
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$Employment & benefits
30 May 2018

An extra gift for shareholders: a tax-free dividend!

Since the summer agreement, as from 1 January 2018, every shareholder can reclaim the withholding tax that he has paid on ..
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30 May 2018

Fiscus agrees to lower valuation benefit for free property!

Two judgments of the Court of Appeal (Ghent and Antwerp) have shown that the distinction between the free provision of a ..
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30 May 2018

The new inheritance law: what about a donation with reservation of usufruct?

A gift with a reservation of usufruct is a very popular means of succession planning. After all, if the donor dies later, the ..
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Smart growth Legal
25 January 2018

The updating of the right of lien: what you need to know

As well as containing various modernising measures, the new legislation on the right of lien harmonises all security rights in ..
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Optimal management Legal
14 November 2017

Management agreements for business managers do not belong in a BVBA

It is usually stipulated that the directorship will be unremunerated. On the basis of a management agreement, individuals or ..
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Optimal management Smooth transition
28 October 2016

Sharing your own assets with a spouse or partner: can you do it?

Sometimes you may wish to have your partner or spouse share in your assets, so that shares, money, a property or other items of ..
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