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Hilde Marcou

Hilde Marcou
Smart growth
20 April 2019

Buying back shares? Sell them within two years if you’re a BVBA!

It sometimes happens that a company buys back its own shares. What does this involve and what are the consequences? It involves ..
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Optimal management Smart growth Legal
29 January 2019

Domicile address of children remains important in the event of joint custody

Increasing numbers of children are growing up under joint custody arrangements. Even if the children live with each parent for ..
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Optimal management Legal
19 September 2018

Sole partner or shareholder: what is possible and what is allowed?

Ownership of all shares by a single person without implications for a company’s legal continuity is only possible for two legal ..
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31 July 2018

Reduced rate of 6% registration tax benefit through refund

Since 1 June 2018, the registration tax levied on the purchase of a property has been subject to two reduced rates, namely the ..
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Optimal management Legal
14 November 2017

Management agreements for business managers do not belong in a BVBA

It is usually stipulated that the directorship will be unremunerated. On the basis of a management agreement, individuals or ..
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Optimal management Smooth transition
28 October 2016

Sharing your own assets with a spouse or partner: can you do it?

Sometimes you may wish to have your partner or spouse share in your assets, so that shares, money, a property or other items of ..
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Optimal management
05 June 2015

Comply with the formalities for private company deeds!

A notarial deed is not required to establish a general partnership (VOF), an ordinary limited partnership (Comm.V.), a ..
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