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Optimal management Tax
13 February 2019

VAT and work on property: 6% or 21%?

In principle, work on property is subject to the standard VAT rate of 21%. However, certain transactions are subject to the ..
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28 August 2018

New procedure for VAT building declaration

A recent amendment of the law removes the traditional VAT building declaration that a client has to submit when building or ..
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13 August 2018

VAT and property rental final?

After an agreement in principle was reached within the government in March of this year on the introduction of an optional VAT ..
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Optimal management btw Tax
29 April 2016

Transport cost on delivery of goods or services: what VAT rate applies?

NOTE: This article is out of date: read the update for 2019 here As a supplier, the goods or services you supply to your ..
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