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Optimal management
23 March 2020

Financial difficulties due to coronavirus? The Belgian government offers several support measures

In these difficult times, the Belgian government is making a variety of support measures available to entrepreneurs. We briefly ..
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Optimal management
30 September 2019

Revive and VGD: from accountant to advisor

Accountants are no longer mere number-crunchers whose sole task is to keep the books. Legal obligations such as preparing the ..
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$Employment & benefits
29 August 2018

Green light for the mobility budget!

The agreement in principle on the mobility budget has now been converted into a draft text and approved by the Council of ..
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28 August 2018

New procedure for VAT building declaration

A recent amendment of the law removes the traditional VAT building declaration that a client has to submit when building or ..
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20 August 2018

Obtaining subsidy support for companies in 'Degraded Zones' becomes easier

On 10/08/2018, the Law on the optimisation of aid to employers investing in a zone in difficulty was published in the Belgian ..
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13 August 2018

VAT and property rental final?

After an agreement in principle was reached within the government in March of this year on the introduction of an optional VAT ..
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31 July 2018

Reduced rate of 6% registration tax benefit through refund

Since 1 June 2018, the registration tax levied on the purchase of a property has been subject to two reduced rates, namely the ..
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27 July 2018

Mandatory registration for company service providers as from 1 September

As of 1 September 2018, service providers to companies will be obliged to register in advance with the Federal Public Service ..
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