19 March 2020

Let's talk in corona times!

Dear visitor,

Every day VGD strives for a pleasant workplace, a good work-life balance as well as happy and healthy employees. This way they can think proactively about your company together with you.

That health is currently more important than ever.

After the emergence of the corona virus, we have taken step-by-step measures to protect our employees and their families as well as possible.

In response to the most recent measures taken by the government last Wednesday, we did not hesitate to extend that protection even further and have all our employees work from home at a flexible pace.

This way they can take care of themselves and their families, but at the same time still be your point of contact for support in these hectic times.

So don't hesitate to contact your dossier manager if you have any questions. They are available by phone, Skype and e-mail. As always, we do everything we can to help you as best we can and provide advice tailored to your company!

If you have specific questions about measures taken by the government as a result of the Corona virus, be sure to take a look at our information page https://be.vgd.eu/nl/corona-info.

We keep these pages up to date for you every day.

We are VGD

Let's talk business!

VGD Corporate

Do you have any further questions about this? Then be sure to contact our advisors! Let's talk!

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